Air Hygiene

Aqua Protec - Air Techno | Air Hygiene

It is statutory requirement to provide a clean and healthy working environment for employees, visitors and all members of the public. Aqua Protec - Air Techno are specialists in air hygiene compliance. Our comprehensive air risk assessments are designed to identify any potential hazards that could arise from within the work place due to contaminants such as dust, gases, bacteria and other airbourne material.

It is vital a provision of maintenance is carried out to ensure a safe and clean system. Aqua Protec - Air Techno offers a full range of services to help you comply with the current legislation, aid maintenance and provide remedial actions should they be required.

Our services include:

  • Inspection Maintenance Control(IMC)
  • Served Space Testing
  • Air Hygiene Compliance Consulatancy
  • Air Handling Unit(AHU) Disinfection
  • Analytical Sampling

For more information regarding our air hygiene services please contact our sales team on 01386 793690 or email