Water Hygiene

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In almost every building in the UK there is a water supply of some kind. In today's environment we take it for granted that the supply is fresh, clean and suitable for use. This is often not the case. Water systems that are in a poor state of general repair, operated at unsuitable temperatures or badly designed can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Water hygiene refers to practices that help preserve the health of water systems, in order to evaluate a water system a risk assessment should be carried out to identify and assess the areas of risk. The water system should then be managed with suitable control measures, provision of treatment programmes and remedial actions where required.

Aqua Protec - Air Techno offers a full range of services to give our clients compliance with current legislation standards and codes of practice, our services include:

  • Water Hygiene and Legionella Risk Assessments
  • Sampling and Analytical Services
  • Compliance Consultancy
  • Legionella Management
  • Safe Hot Water / Scalding Prevention
  • Chlorination and disinfection services of domestic hot water systems

For more information regarding our water hygiene services please contact our sales team on 01386 793690 or email sales@aquaprotec-airtechno.co.uk